technical specifications

Input Voltage: 120 Vac ± 10 %, 60 Hz

Output Voltage: 10 VAC, 20 kHz (Class 2 compliant)

Output Power: 35 watts

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Designed for the architectural lighting industry, the LMPS-350 power supply is part of the HEICO lightingTM Contactless LED System. The power supply is fully potted and suitable for use in dry and damp locations. The AC power of the LMPS is fed by electromagnetic induction to the LED array, which eliminates electrical contacts and risks of corrosion. The LMPS-350 is UL listed and its output is compliant to Class 2 security extra low voltage (SELV).




  • More than 90% efficiency
  • Patented induction power technology
  • Protected against overloads  
  • Constant current source, no voltage drop over long distances 
  • Rugged design, power supply is entirely encapsulated
  • No polarity output
  • 5-year warranty
  • Designed and manufactured in North America




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