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The Octopus System is undoubtedly the best example of versatility and great efficiency of our neon tubing lighting products.   

This patented system includes two elements: a MPS -master power supply- placed far behind the channel letters (often installed inside a building), and a HVM -high voltage module- placed inside the channel letter, for exterior instalments.

  • Solid-state technology
  • High voltage insulated into the Channel letter (HVM)
  • Very small in size and light weight
  • Constant current and brightness while self adjusting to the length of the tube
  • Allows neon to be used in extremely small and complex shaped letters
  • HVM 30mA and HVM 60mA can be mixed with the same MPS
  • One system may replace one or two conventional transformers (12kV and 15kV)

  • No more GTO wire (high voltage) through the wall structure
  • Automatic shut off during ground fault, broken tube and overload condition


Click here to consult the Octopus System Troubleshooting Guide.

Click here to consult the Octopus System Installation Guide. 


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